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The Full Story


Photography is my life, my language, my way of give a voice to the people, to the community. I am a witness, of this historical period, and I really hope that I could help people with my skills in creating a good ground for the future generations. 


My Journey

I live in Venice, and I consider myself incredibly lucky also for this. But also for what I am doing now, after all the years following my deepest passions.

When I started my formation in psychology I was already finding a way to merge my formation and my passion for human beings and their environment with another big passion of mine, photography. I started my journey in a dark room, printing pictures for my friends. Then a lucky meeting with my mentor Silvano Chiappin: he asked me to help him with technology in exchange for teaching me photography.


And this while I was finishing my degree in Psychology.

Then with him, we documented the tribes of Orissa, India, and luckily some images have been selected by National Geographic. And it all started here.

Then I approached Getty Images, and I still collaborate with the agency, also working for international magazines such as National Geographic, or international institutions, such as the Council of Europe and the European community, as a photographer and also as a community psychologist with the Photovoice technique. It is a path, a path in which I met many incredible persons, from victims and survivors of abuses to climate activists, to artizans that carry on the history of Venice, traveling all over the world.

A  wonderful journey!

That's the reason why I decided to use my skills for helping in changing a little the world. I have always thought that everyone could contribute in this, doing their own activities. Small gestures became a great change when you sum all of them. This is what I want to do, and show also to others that with little actions in your daily life, you can make little miracles.

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