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European Stories

From Italy to Sweden, from Romania to Portugal: In recent months, portraits of nearly 100 victims of child abuse have been collected throughout Europe. Never has the dimension of the problem been captured in this way. Photos and videos documenting the injustices now give the victims a voice. The exhibition «Shame – European Stories» will open during the Biennale of Venice, and will travel all around Europe to arrive to Strasbourgh at the place of the Council Of Europe, that gave the patronage to the project.

The values on which Europe is founded include respect for human dignity, freedom and equality, the rule of law, and respect for human rights. In a few countries in Europe, efforts have been made to alleviate suffering. In most countries, a serious confrontation with the abuse has not yet taken place.

When victim groups from all over Europe approached our foundation with the aim of networking and starting a European initiative, as in Switzerland, we realized we had to support this project.

The exhibition “Shame – European Stories” should open our eyes and pave the way for a just solution in Europe. The Council of Europe’s support for this exhibition is not only honorable, but above all, it is meaningful. It shows that Europe, as a community of values, wants change. The victims, those affected, the survivors – they should all receive justice in their lifetime.

A european signature campaign will start soon for asking to change the law in terms of protection of minors.

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